Huimei (Olivia) Qiu

University of British Columbia
Huimei Qiu, born in Shenzhen, China, is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Visual Art with a minor in commerce at the University of British Columbia. Through her work, she experiments with a wide range of art mediums, focusing on film and digital photography. She is involved in the UBC Film Society and as a crew member, she collaborated and helped produce a short, independent film: There’s Room For One More. Her latest work combines mixed media to juxtapose real, personal spaces with the projected, online material. This ties into global socio-economic issues and events, and by using space, both personal and artificial created, she raises awareness of privileged and unprivileged lifestyles. In her piece, photography was used as tool to zoom in the reality of the world beyond our computer screens.

Huimei Qiu, Bedroom 1, 2017, 30" x 20", digital photography

 Huimei (Olivia) Qiu
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