Anna Semenoff

Alberta College of Art and Design
Anna Semenoff studies sculpture at the Alberta College of Art and Design; her material practice is primarily comprised of video and light based installation. Her work is motivated behind concepts derived from the field of Phenomenology – a theoretical framework pertaining to structures and mechanics of experience, recognizing systems of being. Video projection is employed as a medium, curated to function in tandem with its corporeal surroundings. Visual imagery is implemented as a vehicle of representation – an apparatus; the internal mechanism occupied within a larger framework, as a fabricated template, an offer to consider ways of seeing. The art becomes a secondary source: a lense of responsibility placed in the hands of the spectator, prompting awareness to expose the pre-existing climate. Simultaneously manipulating, and depending on mimicry, the arranged networks of isolated engagements will echo as the product of the individual.

Anna Semenoff and Jordan Schinkle, The Overseers, 2017, 25’x 10’, rear window projection on white fabric.

Anna Semenoff
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