Kyle Zurevinski

University of Saskatchewan
Kyle Zurevinski is a twenty-two year-old visual artist from Saskatoon, SK currently completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Saskatchewan. He specializes in photography and new media and has expanded his understanding of traditional photography uses and methods into more abstract and conceptual realms, which are often in combination with older or uncommon forms of technology such as instant film. His work focuses on viewing subjects in a way that often isolates certain features and puts others into the spotlight. His passion and practice in photography has been focused on using shape and abstraction as a tool to provoke emotion and thought through the image as a whole. His latest series “still space” has recently been exhibited at the University of Saskatchewan’s own “Gordon Snelgrove Gallery” as his first solo exhibition. These images show a progression of his practice and properly depict his current artistic process.

Kyle Zurevinski, vVIBEe 01, 2016, 20" x 30", Digital Image

 Kyle Zurevinski
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