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Create with #AGOfromHome

Looking for some new artful activities to do from home? We’ve got you covered

a girl scoops blue and yellow paint from large jars with the help of her mother.

Image courtesy of the AGO.

When the AGO’s Media Producer Danny Winchester received the news he’d be working from home for the next little while, his first reaction was to stock up...on art supplies. With a little one at home, he knew it was important to make sure he has some activities planned to keep him busy. Naturally, Winchester found himself behind the camera capturing the first of many of their #AGOfromHome activities. Take a peek at his adorable home video below:

With a little bit of paint, a few brushes and some paper, you can have some fun with an afternoon activity for you and/or the kids. Here are a few more tutorials for painting you can try from home!

Painting Waterscapes

In this tutorial, you’ll learn the basics from AGO course instructor Lauren McKinley Renzetti.

Painting Sunsets

Join Lauren McKinley Renzetti in the studio for another lesson, but this time the subject is sunsets.

Looking for more tutorials and art news from the AGO and beyond? Stay tuned to the AGOinsider.

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