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Elicser Elliott

Street artist Elicser brings community-based murals to life in Toronto.


Painting of boy with hands crossed behind him

Elicser Elliott, Assume the position (2016). Spraypaint and acrylic. 4x8 feet. 

Elicser Elliott is a Canadian visual artist who has been making his mark in building Toronto’s street art scene. Since graduating from Sheridan College’s animation program, he has amassed a vast collection of murals and public artworks around the city. 

He describes his work as highly improvised collages of soft characters and organic shapes, layered and blended through transparencies. Inspirations for his characters often stem from his own past relationships and experiences. Coupled with drawing likenesses from passersby on the street, he combines the two to bring his community-based murals to life.

Apart from his renowned murals seen widely across the streets of Toronto, Elliott has also illustrated and produced a small run of books titled Know Love. He has previously exhibited at the Art Gallery of Ontario, The Royal Ontario Museum and LE Gallery. He was also an arts educator with the AGO’s “Free After Three” youth arts program and the Toronto Jazz Festival, teaching youth aerosol paint techniques.  

Painting of a group of people sitting on bench and standing by Elicser Elliott

Elicser Elliott, I live for the times that I can't remember with the people that I won't forget (2016). Spraypaint and acrylic. 4x8 feet.

AGO: What was the inspiration for this artwork or series?

Elliott: They are from the series Prosopagnosia, defined as a neurological disorder characterized by an inability to recognize or differentiate faces. It is also known as face blindness. Some of the problems that I was tackling within these works are still happening in the communities of colour today.

AGO: Tell us about a place or a space where you most love making your work?

Elliott: For canvas production, it is my studio space - a small room outside my living room. For mural work, the buildings are what I love most. I love people finding my work within the city.

Group painting of man hugging woman and police officers arresting a man

Elicser Elliott, I Can't Breathe (2016). Spraypaint and acrylic. 4x8 feet. 

AGO: Are you in dialogue with any other artists or creative peers about your practice? If so, how does this dialogue feed your work?

Elliott: I am in dialogue with other artists but not verbally a lot of the time. It's more seeing and reflecting on what they do and what they say. For those who are friends as well as artistic peers, I sometimes look to what they say to further my practice.  Public murals are a critique on the street in which they live. I take this as "feedback" from my contemporaries.

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