Anthony Gebrehiwot

Gebrehiwot portrays his subjects as divine and other wordly to contribute to the dialogue surrounding black identity. 

Jessica Karuhanga

Jessica Karuhanga is an Ugandan-Canadian artist who works through writing, video, drawing and performance.

Chrysanne Stathacos

Chrysanne Stathacos is a multidisciplinary artist of Greek, American, and Canadian heritage. Her work is heavily influenced by feminism, Greek mythology, the natural environment, eastern spirituality, and Tibetan Buddhism.

Jarrett Siddall

"The combination of variations of human and animal bodies, instincts, needs, wants, and body language fascinates me— it is where creatures are born." - Jarrett Siddall

Rah Elleh

"My perspective is that of an exilic and diasporic artist who is questioning while also trying to assert gender and cultural identity." - Rah Elleh

Barry Pottle

Through the camera’s lens, Pottle showcases the uniqueness of Inuit life in Ottawa.

Jenine Marsh

Using mainly low-tech, hands-on approaches, Marsh's immersive installations and intimate sculptural arrangements often involve disembodied casts of her own hands, preserved flowers, and found ubiquitous objects.

Camille Rojas

Tkaronto/Toronto based multidisciplinary artist uses movement and the body as the primary vehicle to dissect ideas and emotions.

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