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Paint like a pro

Want to learn to paint? Get some essential tips on how to capture the natural beauty of a sunset.

A hand hovers over a half painted piece of paper

Image by the AGO

There’s nothing like watching the day fade away into epic hues of pink, orange and blue to inspire you to grab a paintbrush and capture the wonder of a sunset. If you’re filled with artistic impulses like these but have no outlet, our wide array of AGO courses can help.

Whether you’re looking to learn the basics or ready to take your skills to the next level, our courses can teach you the essentials of artmaking and perhaps send you on a journey to artistic greatness.

To give you a taste, we sat down with long-time AGO painting instructor and Toronto-based artist, Lauren Renzetti, to show us how to paint a sunset – in 60 seconds! In the video below she outlines some key steps to perfectly capture the horizon, like sketching out the light and dark shapes in pencil first and layering your paint from largest to smallest details, saving highlights for last.

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