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Persephone - A series of springtime observations

Part five in a six-part series, in which Marilyn Bouma observes and records the remarkable arrival of spring.

Marilyn Bouma, Sleeping Beauty

Marilyn Bouma, Sleeping Beauty, watercolour and pencil on paper. © 2020

Sleeping Beauty

When we were all sent home to self-isolate and the cities around the world went empty and quiet, I thought about this fairy tale of the Sleeping Beauty where the entire kingdom went to sleep. Oh, the sleep of dreams...

Marilyn Bouma, At Eternity’s Gate

Marilyn Bouma, “At Eternity’s Gate”, watercolour and pencil on paper. © 2020

“at eternity’s gate”

When Vincent van Gogh was painting in the landscape, he said he felt like he was “at eternity’s gate” when he saw the horizon – where the vastness of the sky meets the land. This place also has that feeling.

This is the view from the top of the hill of the water filtration plant in The Beaches. I echoed the curved window which gave it a medieval feel influenced by my reading about Pre-Raphaelite artists such as Dante Gabriel Rossetti and Edward Burne-Jones; the latter created ambitious and beautiful works featuring the Sleeping Beauty theme. I have often run there by the lake and then would sit in the sun high on the hill. The architecture against the sky and water with the curve of the road are spectacular and truly poetic in our modern times.

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