Seven experimental filmmakers to know

We asked the authors and editors of Moments of Perception, a new history of Canadian experimental filmmaking, who we should know.

Have We Fallen Down the Rabbit Hole?

Long-time AGO art instructor and education officer, Carol Matson, relates to her current body of work, inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in his books, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, during these times of disorientation and questioning.

The Art of Video Games

AGO’s Chief of Strategic Priorities, Erin Prendergast, chats with her 13-year old nephew Toma about the role that video games have played in his life during COVID. They discuss some technological, social and design aspects of video games with a particular focus on the legendary game, Fortnight.

Art in the time of COVID

AGO's Anne Tanenbaum Gallery School Art Educator Doris Purchase discusses the role of the AGO and artists during times of crisis and creates some engaging and contemplative artworks in response.

Covid Cats

AGO's Anne Tanenbaum Gallery School studio instructor Janine Lindgren reflects on how pets have become a great solace to many during this time. Spending time with her own “pandemic pets” - her “covid cats” - Janine observes them more than ever and creates lino cut prints of them enjoying their days.

There are places I remember...

We all miss the AGO these days. But which AGO? Over the years, things have moved, art has changed, spaces have been transformed. Lee Rickwood, AGO Editor, helps us remember even more of the Gallery we love so much.

Persephone - A series of springtime observations

The final part in a six-part series, in which Marilyn Bouma observes and records the remarkable arrival of spring.

Favourite Views

The AGO's Design team considers themselves lucky to call the amazing building their workplace. As they eagerly await the Gallery's reopening, the team shares some of their favourite views - and asks the AGO community to do the same.

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