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Artist-in-Residence - Natalie Ferguson and Toby Gillies

February 4 - March 31, 2019

“With Secret Ingredient, we hope to encourage participants to have meals together more often, appreciate their families and culture, and to provide an opportunity to share traditions and new ideas with each other. The secret ingredient is people!”

— Natalie Ferguson and Toby Gillies

Natalie Ferguson and Toby Gillies during programming

Selected through our inaugural artist-in-residence call for proposals, Natalie Ferguson's and Toby Gillies's artist project, Secret Ingredient, will be presented for March Break 2019 (March 9 - 17, 2019). Secret Ingredient will bring people together by way of one thing we all share; love of food. Using mainly paper and a variety of colourful materials, visitors will be invited to create faux versions of their favourite meals, real and imagined. 

By creating playful sculptures of food, combined with family photography and handwritten recipes,  participants will contribute to a collection of prized family recipes to be presented as an installation within Walker Court and online. 

A realistically rendered roast-chicken or a crumpled piece of brown paper can both be successful representations of a favourite home-cooked meal. The objective of Secret Ingredient is to have fun sharing cherished family recipes, and imagining new ones!

Promotional image for Secret Ingredient by Natalie Ferguson and Toby Gillies

Secret Ingredient, 2018. Natalie Ferguson and Toby Gillies. Courtesy of the artists.

Portrait of Natalie Ferguson and Toby Gillies

Natalie Ferguson and Toby Gillies are multidisciplinary artists and educators based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, working together in projects that engage with community. Through their work, collaboratively, individually and as managers at Art City, a not-for-profit community art centre in Winnipeg, they’ve organised countless socially engaged art projects involving a wide audience of all ages, abilities and backgrounds, providing opportunities for immersive art experiences. 

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