AGO X RBC Artist-in-Residence Program

The Artist-In-Residence program at the AGO has welcomed many innovative artists over the years. These artists have shared a willingness to engage in process-based research and presentation. In a spirit of co-creativity with their collaborators, participants, audiences and staff, they expanded the look and feel and understanding of contemporary art practices.

Artist-in-Residence Placements 2024

2024 AGO x RBC Artists in Residence

Presented as part of the 2024 AGO x RBC Artist-in-Residence Program. This year, artists are asked to respond to the theme of movement. We invite artists to think about movement of people, ideas and places; how it mingles with, enhances or engages the museum context; and how personal experience shapes the project.



The AGO X RBC Artist-in-Residence Program in the Weston Family Learning Centre forges a new channel of creativity and audience engagement for the Art Gallery of Ontario. The first of its kind at a major Canadian art institution, the program engages with the art community directly and meaningfully, while creating an experience for visitors that is intimate and unique. The residency program allows the AGO to contribute significantly to the evolution of individual artistic endeavours, leading the way for experimentation and growth in the field of contemporary art practice.

The Anne Lind Artist-in-Residence Studio is a dedicated space within the Learning Centre for the artist-in-residence, allowing visitors access to the creative process. Residencies grant the artist institutional support, access to facilities and a stipend covering materials and living costs. While the residencies are fundamentally artist-driven, each practitioner is invited into the AGO to create and develop new work and ideas that interface with our visitors and that leave a lasting legacy in keeping with the mission and mandate of the gallery. Drawing on the possibilities within the collections and exhibitions, the residency becomes a platform from which the artist can transform the AGO in a powerful way and develop outcomes including (but not limited to) community partnerships, exhibitions, classes, workshops, family and children’s activities, online projects, interventions, publications and products.

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