Women’s Art Initiative at the AGO

A community of women supporting women artists

Women artists have been under-represented throughout art history. An insufficient number of works by women artists are held in public art museums and collections; women have been given relatively few major exhibitions; and the related scholarship remains too thin. The AGO acknowledges that this must change and we are committed to leading the way. Our goal is to redress the balance through focused support of women artists with an ultimate goal of moving our collection toward parity. In 2017, the AGO launched Women’s Art Initiative (WAI) in support of our commitment to women artists and their work. Now 56 women strong, WAI brings together a dynamic group of women invested in building community and bringing attention to women artists through exhibition support, collection-building acquisitions, research and publications.

Participation in WAI is a philanthropic commitment of $15,000, which is payable over three years ($5,000/year) to provide sustainable multi-year funding for the AGO’s program featuring women artists.

The AGO is building on our commitment to women artists. Being part of WAI is an ideal opportunity for donors to make a significant difference.


For more information on Women’s Art Initiative, including annual WAI events and honorary Curators’ Circle membership in recognition of WAI donation, or to become part of this group please contact:

[email protected]

The AGO is grateful to Women’s Art Initiative for their generous and empowering support of women artists and their work, and extends special thanks to WAI Founding Chair, Michelle Koerner, for championing this program.

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