Youth Programs

AGO Youth programs are free and serve youth ages 14-25. These programs focus on building community, making art, claiming institutional space, creating safe and inclusive spaces for youth, hiring emerging artists, partnering with community organizations and advocating for youth presence, values and culture.

Programs combine contemporary art practices, community building and popular culture; ranging from drop-ins to year-long commitments. There are several volunteer opportunities for youth throughout the museum.

Events for Youth


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Life Drawing ONLINE

Life Drawing is a fundamental drawing skill. Drawing the human form in its various shapes and postures deepens observational skills and helps students develop methods to create volume, texture and movement, as well as emotional responses such as empathy. Life drawing inspires students to future careers as far ranging as game design, healthcare and more.


Street Photography

Inspired by artist Andy Warhol, who often captured the lives of people that surrounded his art studio and the streets, clubs, and galleries of New York, students will explore the AGO neighborhood with artist instructor Amanda Arcuri to capture unique places and people, with an eye toward in-camera composition and editing. Street photography is both a challenging and rewarding genre of photography. Documenting people in their everyday environment is not easy – it requires patience, hard work, and sometimes even some bravery to be able to photograph complete strangers… even if safely from within a group of peers and all from a safe distance. Students may use their mobile devices or digital cameras for this course




Youth Events
Tools for Care: Movement and Meditation Workshop with Renelyn Quinicot
Thursdays, November 11 - 25, 4 pm

Tools for Care explores what "taking care" might look and feel like for our unique, ever-changing bodies. You’ll be guided through a short practice of stretches with energetic, playful movement and various practical breathing techniques. The exploration will incorporate mindful writing prompts to practice…

Youth Events
Beginner Dance Hall Workshops
Thursdays, September 16 - November 4, 4:30 pm

Join our free, online Dance Hall workshops for youth taught by Fabiola “MustBeFABY” Dieuve, founder of Irie Jamz International. While learning about Jamaican culture, y

Youth Workshop: It Can Be Anything
Friday, July 23, 2 pm

This workshop is designed to support participants who identify as having intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Recommended age group: 13- 18 years old.

Join us for an interactive artmaking workshop that brings into the limelight the budding artistic talents of neuro-diverse youths. In this online virtual studio, we will take a look at an artwork from the AGO Collection to explore the many ways you can express yourself. It can be anything!

This workshop is inspired by…

Youth Events
Beginner Vogue Workshops
Wednesdays, July 7 - August 25, 4 pm

Want to learn how to vogue dance from the legendary vogue pioneer Twysted? These beginner-level workshops will cover the five elements of vogue fem, ending each week with a ball. Kiki’s Lounge encourages anyone who wants their first voguing experience to participate.

All are welcome to come regardless of age, sexuality or level. Vogue is a style of dance that arose from the gay and transgender Black and Latinx communities in ballrooms across Harlem from the 1960s - 1980s. In Toronto, Toronto Kiki Ballroom Alliance has been actively…

Youth Events
Emotional Garden by Alex Gregory
Wednesday, April 21, 3 pm

Often considered an indicator of spring and a metaphor for renewal, the performance of planting dahlia bulbs elaborates on the importance of care, tenderness and follow-through. Seeds do not need humans to be planted; they will spread and grow as they have for millennia. Humans need to plant seeds in order to cultivate food. By planting dahlia bulbs, this performance plays with the human desire to act upon nature. As the first gardening gesture of the year, the performance alludes to subsequent gestures: the dahlia growing, blooming and eventually…

Youth Events
두루미/Red Crowned Crane by Enna Kim
Wednesday, April 14, 3 pm

This self-reflective drawing exercise  guides the viewer through the artist’s drawing process and thoughts. Inspired by Korean folk paintings, Enna Kim will focus on the symbolism of each element, such as cranes, peach trees and lotuses, representing longevity, courage and good luck in Korean culture. With this activity, the artist encourages audiences to reflect on the meaning behind symbols and the physical act of drawing. The fluidness of this combined approach prompts participants to consider their own agency in relation to objects and…

Youth Events
A Traced Feeling by Alexis Bulman
Wednesday, April 7, 3 pm

A Traced Feeling is based on the forward bend test, a physical examination that assesses for scoliosis by running a finger down a person’s spine, feeling for a curvature. The comfort and trust of being "traced" in such an examination is tactile, leaving a lasting impression. Participants will be invited to trace surrounding surfaces with their index finger and draw a corresponding line, examining the shape their bodies make in the spaces around them. A Traced Feeling is presented as part of …

Youth Events
Neighbourhood Walks: A Tour Around My York Mills Neighbourhood
Wednesday, March 10, 3 pm

AGO Youth Council member Violeta Rodriguez Zurita and her older cousin, Kelly Zurita, lead a revealing walk around York Mills, the only neighborhood they have ever lived in. Demonstrating the class divide that runs through the community, Violeta and Kelly give a tour of the high-rise apartments and the different types of housing in their neighbourhood. Along the way, they share their experiences growing up in York Mills and talk about how it is starting to change.

Youth Events
Neighbourhood Walks: Theatre Kidz Made Me Do It with isi bhakomen
Wednesday, March 3, 3 pm

This artist-led virtual video walk is an art student's reflection on the power of education. As isi bhakhomen travels from home to school, they will take the time to recall on precious moments that have impacted their artistic growth. Throughout this excursion, isi  hopes to share the wonders of what it's like to be a part of a theatre arts community. They will take the time to reminisce over the past three years with both fondness and dread. Looking back at your mistakes isn't easy,…

Youth Events
Neighbourhood Walks: HipHop Heals with heARTbase
Tuesday, February 23, 3 pm

This virtual walk combines storytelling, healing and Hip Hop. You'll learn about Toronto’s historical relationship with the dynamic dance style and you'll be introduced to the key elements of Hip Hop used in innovative methods of critical healing.  While Toronto represents the Hip Hop community-at-large, this virtual video walk reveals how  individual locations and neighbourhoods have contributed to Hip Hop's growth in the city. During the walk, specific locations in Toronto related to Hip Hop are presented and the…

Youth Events
Distance Dress-Up: Party of 1
Wednesday, December 16, 2020 - Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Distance Dress Up invites everyone to dress up in their favourite party outfit, take a selfie of themselves and post on IG with tag #distancedressup! This participatory photo project is inspired by the exhibition Studio 54: Night Magic and the social restrictions that are currently in place due to Covid. …

Youth Events
Disco Dances presented by Funky Facilitators
Wednesdays, January 6 - February 24, 3 pm

Get ready for Studio 54: Night Magic with 8 weekly workshops on the Hustle and Whacking, two dance forms that came out of the disco era.

Hustle is a partner dance created by Puerto Rican teenagers in South Bronx in the early 1970s to disco music. It has common features of mambo, salsa and swing dance. The dance is…

Youth programs


Representing a diverse group of youth in Toronto, the AGO Youth Council is run by youth ages 15-24 who are interested in art and the relationship between young people and art institutions. Through a lens of social practice, the program focuses on community building, experiential pedagogy, and contemporary art practices working collectively to initiate programming by youth for youth. Collaborations with artists result in exhibitions, public art projects, interventions, large-scale events, drop-in programs, field trips, walking tours and much more.

The AGO is the place to be for youth ages 14 to 25. Free drop in programs run in Fall, Winter and Spring on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4-6pm in Weston Family Learning Centre. Participate in tie dyeing, sticker making, silk screening, skateboard building, mix tape making, movie screenings and break-dancing workshops. No registration or cost required. Follow us on Instagram at @AGOYouth for details and updates.

Current Youth Program gridlist



Wednesday, August 19, 2020 3 pm

Zoe Statiris is a third year student at Ryerson University. She likes to paint, draw, and take long walks on the beach. In her video Zoe makes a papier-mâché butterfly sculpture! 

Skillz Share: Organizing Your Bookshelf

Wednesday, August 12, 2020 3 pm

A first year student at U of T, Ingrid Wang is a visual artist with a passion for language, art history, and philosophy. In her free time, she enjoys reading classics, making earl grey tea, and keeping her bookshelves neat and tidy. This week Ingrid teaches us how to organize your bookshelf!

Skillz Share: Bullet Journaling

Tuesday June 30, 2020 3 pm

Calvin Pham is currently in his third year at York University, with a double major in Visual Arts and Film Studies. He has experience in fine arts, film making, photography, special effects make-up, and creative coaching.

Skillz Share: How to Write and Record a Song Using Garageband

Wednesday, June 24, 2020 3 pm

Sabrina Carrizo Sztainbok is a visual artist and musician. She has been playing in bands since she was fourteen (slobrina, pins and needles, tange and luna li) and has been trying to teach herself how to produce her own music over the years. This week Sabrina teaches us how to write and record a song using Garageband!

Skillz Share: Food Recycling

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 3 pm

Celeste Chiguichon is a second year volunteer at the ago youth council. She is a visual artist who loves learning about plants and our relationship to the earth. While finding peace and mindfulness in working with soil/greenery, she hopes to offer a calming practice to ground and grow along side with plant friends.

Skillz Share: How to Juggle

Wednesday, May 27, 2020 3 pm

Izzy Slone is a recent high school grad who loves visual art, fashion and making people smile. She joined the AGO Youth Council this past year and will be attending UofT in the fall. This week Izzy teaches us how to juggle!

Skillz Share: Make a Scrapwich

Wednesday May 20, 3 pm

Adam Bovoletis has a passion for laughin'. He's made a bunch of art, co-founded Insomniac Film Festival, has been a proud member of the Youth Council for the past four years, and likes to write in third person. This week he teaches us how to build a ‘scrapwich’ a sandwich with whatever is in your fridge!

Skillz Share: How to Cut Your Bangs!

Wednesday May 6, 3pm

Nara Wrigglesworth is not a hairdresser, she would like to work in a community based arts practice, or move to California, or both. Currently she is watching a lot of movies and talking about them on a podcast (Is It Wack?), she is also trying to get better at making music. This week Nara teaches us how to cut your bangs!

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