Youth Events

Skillz Share: Food Recycling

Photo of Celeste Chiguichon

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Youth Events

Skillz Share: Food Recycling

Wednesday, June 17, 2020 3 pm

Celeste Chiguichon is a second year volunteer at the ago youth council. She is a visual artist who loves learning about plants and our relationship to the earth. While finding peace and mindfulness in working with soil/greenery, she hopes to offer a calming practice to ground and grow along side with plant friends. This week, she teaches us how to regrow groceries to connect more to our food and appreciate the process behind each plate.

Photo of Today We Reboot the Planet II
Adrián Villar Rojas. From the series Today We Reboot the Planet II, 2013. Mixed media, Installed dimensions variable. Purchased with funds from the Modern and Contemporary Curatorial Committee, the Michael and Diane Hasley Fund, the Janet and Michael Scott Fund, the David Yuile and Mary Elizabeth Hodgson Fund, the Richard lvey Foundation Contemporary Art Fund, the Contemporary Circle Fund, the Jay Smith and Laura Rapp Fund and the Elcy Wallace Fund, 2016. ©  Adrián Villar Rojas 2016/38

Contemporary Argentinian artist Adrian Villar Rojas builds mythical worlds (that are still grounded in reality) out of clay and organic materials.

Today We Reboot the Planet II is about the creation of monuments, the fate of the planet and our environment. Villar Rojas imagines what kind of fossils and objects we’ll leave behind and what our legacy as humans will be when we’re long gone. Sitting atop a brick walkway are shelves filled with living and growing items (sprouting potatoes) and relics of humanity (car tires, a mummified Kurt Cobain).

And just what is the mummified rock star all about? The artist has revealed that Kurt Cobain, the grunge band Nirvana’s tragic leading man, is one of his biggest influences. Including him in this work is a way to preserve him in memory.  Just as human activity continues to transform the planet, the primary medium Villar Rojas works with, clay, is always changing form.

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