Artist-in-Residence - Ness Less

October 29, 2019 - January 6, 2020

Painting by Ness Lee titled "In Times With You"
"In Times With You" by Ness Lee

Ness Lee’s work is an investigation of the human form dealing with notions of intimacy and self-love. Rather than the emphasis on the physical form, the emotional resonance and presence is brought to focus in periods of vulnerability, discomfort and acceptance. Using various mediums, she explores and echoes these emotions, encompassing its tactile experience into one that is filled with a depth of feeling, playing on humourous rhythms and self-exploration.

Her residency culminates in an installation titled, We Have Together, presented as part of Family Day Weekend 2020 (February 14 - 17, 2020). Join us for large interactive moments of play in Walker Court!

Artist Photo collaboration with Lulu Wei
Artist Photo collaboration with Lulu Wei

Ness Lee draws upon history and personal narratives to create tender and surreal illustrations, paintings, sculptures and installations. Exploring states of mind during intimate stages of vulnerability, Lee’s work takes form as an effort in seeking comfort, forgiveness and desire for an end of a self-perpetuated state. Based in Toronto, their work has been featured at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Agnes Etherington, The Art Gallery of Hamilton, Art Toronto, as well as galleries in Boston, Los Angeles, New York Montreal and Toronto. They are currently represented by Patel Gallery.

Portrait of Ness Lee by Augustine Ng

Photo credit: Augustine Ng

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