Virtual School Programs

Art anywhere, at school or at home! Join us for our Virtual School Programs, every weekday happening daily, Monday to Friday, via Zoom.

In addition to seeing you in person at the AGO, we are excited to welcome you virtually. These sessions are free of charge to you, thanks to the extraordinary support of The Michael Young Family Foundation. We invite students at home or in school to join us daily Monday - Friday for a live conversation with an AGO Art Educator. Four versions of each conversation are offered daily, Monday to Friday: two tailored specifically for students in JK to Grade 3, and two for Grades 4 to 8. These conversations are linked to the Ontario Curriculum. Each program is 30 minutes, with elements of wellness and art woven into the session, there is a small creative exercise, so please have pencils, pens or crayons and paper at the ready.

Visit us often for a new perspective on the AGO Collection.


We are excited to welcome everyone back to another year of artmaking, creativity, and fun on AGO Virtual School Programs. This year we have new themes, new partnerships, and new artworks to share. Free daily sessions will being on October 12. Registration is now open!




Virtual Schools - Supercards

Roy Thomson Hall

Special Guest Presenters

Virtual School Programs is excited to welcome special guest presenters from across Canada. Our goal is to expand geographic, economic and cultural access to as many students and teachers as we can to inspire the ongoing love of learning with the arts. Join us each month as our Art Educators and special guest presenters lead conversations on themes of storytelling, the senses and the environment, all inspired by the AGO Collection.

Canadian Opera Company logo

Based in Toronto, the Canadian Opera Company is the largest producer of opera in Canada and one of the largest in North America.The company is an incubator for the future of the art form, nurturing Canada’s new wave of opera performers and creators with customized training and support. The COC’s purpose-built opera house, the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, is hailed internationally as one of the finest in the world.



AGO Schools: Art and STEM

What do Christi Belcourt, Kazuo Nakamoura and Tintoretto have in common? STEM! Explore cross curricular connection when Art and STEM intersect! Curriculum Links: Visual Art, Science and Technology

Curriculum links: Visual Art, Science and Technology


AGO Schools: Indigenous Art and Artist

Discover how Indigenous artists have creatively interpreted Canada’s diverse people and different regions. Learn about the concept of decolonization through art and conversation.

Curriculum Links: Visual Art, Social Studies, History, Language Arts


AGO Schools: Art of Africa and the African Diaspora

Take a deep-dive into work in the AGO Collection created by Black artists. Students consider concepts of identity through the history and presence of the African diaspora nationally and globally.

Curriculum links: The Arts, Language, Social Studies, History, Geography

February 8: The COC joins us for a special session looking at Art of Africa and the African Diaspora. Participants will learn how to discover new ways to communicate their emotions through dramaturgy, musical and vocal technique.


AGO Schools: Art Beyond Borders

Students explore interconnectivity through exchanges with partner institutions that provide opportunity for cultural exchange and artistic expression.

Curriculum links: The Arts, Language, History, Geography

February 2, 23: Focusing on the works of Denyse Thomasos from the AGO special exhibition Denyse Thomasos: just beyond, students will explore the relationship between visual art, music and human emotion. Participants will learn how to discover new ways to communicate their emotions through dramaturgy, musical and vocal


AGO Schools: Art, Art and away: Artmaking 101

After exploring one artwork in the AGO Collection, students try simple drawing techniques inspired by elements and principles of design in the Visual Arts Curriculum, with a pencil and a piece of paper! If you have scissors, coloured pencils - bring them too!

The theme for JANUARY is FORM
Download Artmaking 101 Worksheets

FORM JK - Gr.3

FORM Gr. 4 – Gr. 8

The theme for FEBRUARY is COLOUR
Download Artmaking 101 Worksheets


COLOUR Gr. 4 – Gr. 8

Virtual School Visit FAQs

How much does it cost?

The weekly Virtual School Program sessions are free!

How do I join one of the weekly sessions?

Please select the class in the schedule you would like to join and then register. A Zoom webinar link will be emailed to you.

I have the Zoom link; how does my class join and participate?

Please feel free to forward the Zoom link to your students. Students do not need to download Zoom to watch the session; they will just need to click “View in Browser” when prompted.

Other options include sharing the session with your students via Google Meets/Classroom. You will need to make sure you accept conference audio when joining the session, otherwise you will not be able to hear the presenter.

Is my student’s privacy at risk?

The Zoom link shared with your students will be registered as the name on the invitation.
All students will have the name given on registration upon joining the session.

What will we be doing?

In each 30-minute session, participants in AGO Virtual School Programs will explore and discuss two artworks from the AGO Collection, with a focus on the Critical Analysis Process. Also included is a mini-wellness moment, and a mini-artmaking “spark” so you and your class can continue to think about the topic once the session is over.

Please note: this is not a full artmaking session. The AGO does offer several artmaking classes taught by professional artist/educators. Click here to see all the creative classes we offer.

How do I prepare my class?

Students may want a pencil and a sheet of paper as they tune into the sessions. The emphasis of this session is visual literacy, so we ask students to respond to questions posed by the Art Educators, using a keyboard and the Q&A function of the webinar. There will be no verbal replies. All comments are visible to all participants in the session, so here's a gentle reminder to please use the Q&A function respectfully.

If students are onsite, they may choose to write or sketch their responses on a sheet of paper. We would love to see them so please share your completed masterpiece #AGOSchools @AGOToronto

Will any of us be visible during the meeting?


Do I need a microphone or a webcam to participate?

All sessions will be done in a Zoom webinar; student responses are typed in. Participants will not be seen or heard, so no mic or webcam is needed.

Will all the sessions in a week have the same link?

Once registered, a Zoom webinar link will be emailed and will provide you access to all sessions in that grade level for the week.

Do I need to attend all sessions in the week?

No, only participate in the sessions you want to join. Each Zoom link is valid for the week, and you are welcome to attend as many sessions as you like throughout the semester.

Can we use the Chat function?

No. Please use the Q&A function to respond to questions posed by the Art Educator. There are also no audio or verbal replies.

Can I watch a recorded version of this session later on?

These sessions are presented live and not recorded.

Are the sessions the same each week?

We strive to provide unique sessions each week under the daily theme, however sometimes we may show the same work in the different sessions so students become more familiar with the art and they can discuss it from various perspectives.

Can I record the session to show my students later?

Due to copyright restrictions on different artworks, you are unable to record the session on Zoom

Troubleshooting Your Zoom Link

  • If the link is not working, the quickest fix is to reregister. Our system will send a new link immediately.
  • Only links sent from the AGO will work. Please do not use third-party links.
  • Are there any blank spaces accidentally pasted at the front of the invite?
  • Make sure that you have registered for the correct date, time and subject.
  • Do you have pop-ups enabled?
  • Could Zoom be blocked? Some school networks block Zoom.
  • Try a different browser.
  • Click the link that says, “Click to join” or “Join from your Android or Apple device”.
  • Although you do not need the Zoom app to participate, it may help with your connection. Try downloading the app on your computer or device.

Troubleshooting Your Zoom Audio

  • Check your volume settings, and make sure your headphones are in appropriately if you are using them.
  • Be sure that you have enabled computer audio as part of your Zoom set up.
  • Check your internet connection. Even excellent Wi-Fi can get spotty and prevent a connection. If possible, it’s best to be connected via Ethernet.
  • If you are screensharing via Google Meets/Classroom, make sure your audio settings are in place to accept webinar audio, and that there is access to your computer audio. If Zoom prompts you with any sound requests, please accept them.
  • Zoom may function slightly differently on different devices. For other tech issues you may experience, please check out Zoom’s help section:

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