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100,000 reasons to cheer

It’s been six months since we launched the AGO Annual Pass, and more than 100,000 people have joined the AGO community already!

AGO you belong here

Huge news! When the AGO announced our new bold and exciting pricing changes last May, the public response was immediate and overwhelmingly positive. Since launching the $35 AGO Annual Pass and free admission for visitors 25 and under, more than 100,000 people have signed up. This means we’ve got 100,000 new members of the AGO community, who join about the same number of AGO Members who make art a part of their everyday lives.

The majority of pass holders (approximately 70%) are ages 14–25. For a bit more context, the most recent Statistics Canada Census Profile of Toronto shows that there are approximately 778,470 people between the ages of 15 and 24 living in the city. When you do the math, you see that an astounding 1 in 10 of Toronto’s young people in this age category belongs to the AGO!

“There is a new energy and vibrancy you can sense in the galleries,” says the AGO’s Michael and Sonja Koerner Director, and CEO, Stephan Jost. And it’s true – this is the place to be. According to Toronto Life, the AGO isn’t just an art museum. It’s a cool art museum.

With the ongoing generosity of AGO donors, sponsors, partners and Members, the AGO is able to fulfill our mission to bring art, learning and audiences together. It’s worth noting that AGO Membership continues to offer special benefits, including exclusive previews of special exhibitions, discounts, access to the Norma Ridley Members’ Lounge and more – we love our Members!

So what does 100,000 Annual Passes compare to?

  • The AGO has more Annual Pass holders than the close to 95,000 works of art in the AGO Collection

  • 100 years ago when the Art Museum of Toronto was incorporated as the Art Gallery of Toronto, 100,000 would have represented 1/5 the entire population of Toronto

  • If every AGO Annual Pass holder comes three times this year for even just one hour, that would equal 300,000 hours of free art

  • If all AGO Annual Pass holders held hands, they would stretch from the AGO to Prince Edward County

  • If all the members of the AGO community held hands (including Members and Pass holders), they would stretch from the AGO to North Bay, Ontario

Sign up for an Annual Pass and join the growing AGO community – it’s free for visitors 25 and under, and only $35 for anyone 26 and over!

And – mark your calendars! Giving Tuesday is next week, and this could be the perfect way to show your support for a museum that is opening its doors wider than ever before. Stay tuned!

AGO Annual Pass and Access

Thank you to the generous supporters of this initiative.

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