Fathers of resilience

To mark Father’s Day, we’ve rounded up a few of the many portraits of fatherhood submitted to Portraits of Resilience, the AGO’s ongoing online community exhibition.

The art of material design

The Canadian Centre for Architecture takes AGO Virtual School Program students on an interplanetary adventure, featuring works by Alessandro Poli.

A portrait of resilience

Meet 99 year-old Ukrainian-born Toronto painter Maria Styranka. Her recent submission to the AGO is a tribute to the disaster in Chernobyl, which happened 35 years ago this month.

Ask Aunt Easel

Got problems? Dilemmas? With grace, humour and a little art history, Aunt Easel responds to your most pressing questions in a brand-new AGOinsider advice column. 

Moving forward with intention

Cian Knights joins the AGO as Manager, Diversity and Inclusion, helping usher in a revitalized era in our history.

Re-Indigenizing art

We caught up with veteran arts educator and spoken word artist Mahlikah Awe:ri, who co-facilitated the most recent diversity and inclusion employee training session at the AGO.


Galleries have a role to play

Alica Hall, Executive Director at Nia Centre for the Arts, shares crucial insights about preserving and supporting Black art.

Thanks, Mom, for making art matter

Ahead of Mother’s Day, we connected with an AGO visitor who shared their story about the impact of their mom’s love for art and the AGO. 


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