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One year later: Thank you for making infinity possible!

We’re celebrating one year since the historic crowdfunding campaign that brought Yayoi Kusama’s stunning artwork, INFINITY MIRRORED ROOM - LET’S SURVIVE FOREVER, to the AGO.



Yayoi Kusama. INFINITY MIRRORED ROOM - LET'S SURVIVE FOREVER, 2017. Wood, metal, glass mirrors, LED lighting system, monofilament, stainless steel balls and carpet, Installed: 312.4 × 624.8 × 622.9 cm. Purchased with funds from the David Yuile & Mary Elizabeth Hodgson Fund, Michelle Koerner & Kevin Doyle, Robert Dorrance & Gail Drummond, The Schulich Foundation, Soichiro & Junko Yamamoto, Diane Bald & Michael Budman, Don & Denyse Green, DH Gales Foundation, Maxine Granovsky Gluskin & Ira Gluskin, Barry Appleton & Magaly Bianchini, Emmanuelle Gattuso, Sheryle & David Saunders, Robin & David Young, Laura E. Baldini, Diana Billes, Edison Chai, Julian Chan & Yi Hyun Park, The Francis and Denise Connolly Family, Creeds, Eileen Farrow, Ivan Fecan & Sandra Faire, Hallisey Family, Victoria Jackman, Val Koziol, David Kozman & Kristin Blakely-Kozman,The Charles & Jane Kucey Foundation Fund, Jämes Lee & the Julie Institute, Chelsea Longaphy & Bernie Li, Martha LA McCain, Abby, Perry & Jordan Minuk, Carolyn D. Mullin, Samuel & Alice Peralta, In Memory of Pierrette & Abel Rancourt, Heather & Aaron Regent, Shevlen Family, Mary Sinclair, Jay Smith & Laura Rapp, J. Kenneth & Margaret Syer-Torrance, and the generosity of thousands of art lovers, 2018. © Yayoi Kusama, Courtesy David Zwirner, New York; Ota Fine Arts, Tokyo/Singapore/Shanghai; Victoria Miro, London/Venice. Photo AGO 2018/28

It’s been one year since we launched our successful crowdfunding campaign to bring INFINITY MIRRORED ROOM - LET’S SURVIVE FOREVER to the AGO.

And we did it, thanks to the #InfinityAGO donors and the David Yuile & Mary Elizabeth Hodgson Fund. Since opening to the public on May 25, the Room has had 120,016 public visitors. And that doesn’t count members’ previews in advance of the official opening!

Kusama-mania has continued to sweep the globe – most recently landing in New York City with a new exhibition at the David Zwirner Gallery, an outdoor pumpkin installation at The New York Botanical Garden and a custom-made Yayoi Kusama balloon set to take flight in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. Titled Love Flies Up to the Sky, Torontonians may recognize Kusama’s distinct colours and polka dots in this air-filled masterpiece.  

To remind you of the impact Kusama’s work had on our visitors, here’s a throwback to one year ago, when we asked donors why they felt compelled to support #InfinityAGO. Here’s what they said…

“I’ve never donated to a cultural institution before, but the crowdfunding idea resonated with me as a way to become more engaged and invested in the AGO. I love the idea that hopefully decades from now, people can bring their children to the Infinity Mirror Room and tell their children that their grandparents helped in some small way to bring it to the AGO.” – Laura Cauchi, Toronto, ON

“My wife Alice and I saw Yayoi Kusama: Infinity Mirrors this summer…The exhibition was exhilarating and mind-expanding. By supporting #InfinityAGO, we’re giving back, helping … all of Toronto, and our larger community get access to Kusama’s amazing artwork so even more people get the chance to experience what we did this summer – the brilliance of an artist at her peak.” – Samuel Peralta, Toronto, ON

“I saw the Yayoi Kusama exhibition, thanks to my sister-in-law… We had a terrific experience together at the exhibition and were really moved by the art, Yayoi Kusama’s life and philosophy. I happen to have my sister-in-law’s name in our family Christmas draw. When I saw the #InfinityAGO campaign for the permanent Kusama artwork, I knew it was a perfect gift for her – something she’ll really enjoy and appreciate. Plus, it’s exactly the kind of low-environmental impact experience gift I’m trying to do more often.” – Stacey Ritz, Hamilton, ON

“My wife is a fan of Yayoi Kusama and her installations, but we couldn’t get tickets to see the show at the AGO last spring. I donated as a gift to my wife… then I can surprise my wife with the donation – and the chance to see the Infinity Mirror Room. I think it can only add to the AGO to have such a unique artwork.” – Wade Jemmett, London, ON

“I immediately wanted to make a donation because I’m a huge fan of Kusama’s work and the AGO in general. Part of me thought how neat it would be to walk into the Infinity Mirror Room knowing that I had played a small part in helping bring it to Toronto forever. On the donation page, I noticed that I could donate in memory of someone and thought it would be a wonderful way of honouring my mom, who passed away in 2004. When I was younger, my mother instilled in me a passion for the arts, and always encouraged me to follow my creative instincts wherever they led me.” – Alastair Woods, Toronto, ON

To all the donors to #InfinityAGO – thank you for your support – we couldn’t have done it without you! Stay tuned for details on how you’ll be the first to experience the AGO’s Infinity Mirror Room this spring. We can’t wait for you to feel forever!

Admission to see the Infinity Room is free for AGO Members, AGO Annual Pass holders and everyone under 25. Check it out at, and don’t forget to book your time slot when you arrive at the AGO.


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