Board of Trustees Fact Sheet

The Gallery's Council/Board of Trustees has evolved in both name and composition since its inception in 1900. What follows is a history of this process.


Council: 18 members to be elected at the annual meeting from members of the association and to hold office for three years; 6 additional members from societies and organizations in Toronto "having for their object, the cultivation of Fine and Applied Art," to be chosen by their respective societies; any member contributing $5,000 or over to be "ex officio a member for life."


Council: not less than 10 or more than 20 to be elected at annual meeting; in addition, any member who has contributed not less than $5,000 to be a member for life (starting in 1909, these members were called Founders); the council headed by the President.


Council: 20 members, plus founders and representatives from societies (not to exceed six). Following the agreement between the City of Toronto and the Museum regarding the use of the Grange property, five members to be elected from the city council.


Council: 15 members elected by membership at annual meeting (three to be elected each year for a term of five years); five members elected annually by the city council; Founders remained on the Council during their lifetime.


Establishment of the College of Founders; the college to elect one representative to the Council for each five members of the college.


Board of Directors: 25 directors, five appointed by the College of Founders, 10 elected by the membership of the Gallery, 10 appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council (the province); directors to hold office for one year; the board headed by the Chairman.


Board of Trustees: 27 trustees, composition as in 1966 plus two appointed by the City of Toronto; the board headed by the President.


Trustees appointed by the Province to hold office for three years, others for one year.


The two trustees previously appointed by the City of Toronto now to be appointed by the council of Metropolitan Toronto, one of them to be a member of both the City and Metro councils. Vote by proxy replaced by a mail ballot.


The two trustees previously appointed by the Council of Metropolitan Toronto now to be appointed by the council of the City of Toronto, one of whom shall also be a member of that council.

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