Art as Therapy: Found Object Portraits

Found object portrait on pastel background
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Art as Therapy: Found Object Portraits

Saturday, June 15, 10:30 am
Seminar Room 3, Weston Family Learning Centre

Join our Art-As-Therapy workshop adventures! In this series, we’ll explore using art to build happy and creative communities. Get ready to play and discover new experiences with different art mediums. Use your imagination to explore how art can make you feel good. Our activities encourage you to touch and feel different materials and discover new ways of self-expression and reflection. Imagine a space of colour, curiosity, and community — that’s this workshop series! 

These workshops help you pay attention to what’s happening in the present, how to trust your feelings, and feel in control of yourself. We supply the materials as well as guide you through activities. Come and join us for a creative celebration where everyone can make art and have a great time.  

Inspired by the exhibition Making Her Mark, this workshop honours women’s stories and contributions. Participants will be invited to create a self-portrait (or a portrait of an influential person in your life) made of found-objects and mixed media. We will offer a diverse array of materials and also invite participants to bring any objects from home they would like to incorporate. (Some ideas are buttons, fabrics, yarns/twine, papers, keychains, craft supplies, beads, etc.) 
The practice of Art Therapy exists on a continuum and this workshop series will explore Art-As-Therapy, a non clinical model of building community and fostering well-being through art making. Participants will be invited to play and get curious with different art materials. These workshops will include opportunities for sensory exploration, self expression, and personal reflection. Immerse yourself in a world of creativity, curiosity, and community as we celebrate art-making for all. 
Materials provided: Sturdy collage board, hot glue, various found objects and mixed media (with an invitation to participants to bring anything from home they may want to use), paint sticks, pastels, crayons, journal 

Rachel Mae Robbins is a certified Therapeutic Art Practitioner and current Art Psychotherapy Graduate Student at the Canadian International Institute for Art Therapy (CiiAT) She is serving as the part-time Management Associate for Nova Dance and was formerly the Director of Education & Engagement for TO Live. With 15 years experience managing arts-based educational programming in Toronto, Rachel is building an Art Therapy practice which centres the infinite capacity for growth, creativity, and healing. 

IG: @maeandyouart.therapy

Katherine Yao is an Art Psychotherapy Graduate Student at the Canadian International Institute of Art Therapy (CiiAT), recent Ontario College of Art and Design (OCAD U) Illustration alumna, and currently working as a part-time Art Instructor. Combining her background in art and design with her experience with children, she aims to build a practice that supports children's emotional growth through art therapy, fostering self-expression and creativity. 

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