Art/Work: A Symposium

9 to 5

Art/Work: A Symposium

April 30, 2011

9 to 5 was an exhibition that let visitors experience art in an unexpected way: by interacting with the artists while they make it! Running from April 27th to the 29th, 9 to 5 transformed one gallery at the Art Gallery of Ontario(AGO) into a live office space. For three days, contemporary Canadian artists Anitra Hamilton, Graeme Patterson and Ed Pien welcomed AGO visitors to meet with them and enjoy a conversation about their artistic practice. Using the familiar setting of the office, 9 to 5 attempted to create a space for collaboration, inspiration and a forum for new knowledge and understanding about the artistic process.

The first half of the symposium featured 9 to 5 artists Anitra Hamilton, Graeme Patterson, and Ed Pien and curators Katherine Dennis, Mary MacDonald and Zach Pearl reflecting on the project. Following this discussion, curator, artist and educator Rebecca Duclos expanded on the burgeoning topic of artists' research. Duclos' current work includes The Compulsive Browse, a two-year research project that investigates what research means for contemporary Canadian cultural practitioners.


Anitra Hamilton is a mid-career Toronto artist whose work juxtaposes political subject matter with fragile materials. In a recent series of collages, Humpty Dumpty (2009), Hamilton mixes folklore and militarism. Her work is thoughtfully fearless and ranges from intimate watercolours to spectacular performances as in Beater (2007) where Hamilton invited guests to take their best shot, armed with sledge hammer on a car pinata.

Graeme Patterson is an emerging artist, born in Saskatchewan and currently based out of Sackville, NB. Most notably known for recreating his hometown of Woodrow, Saskatchewan in miniature, Patterson was a finalist for the Sobey Art Award in 2009. Patterson’s stop-animation videos draw upon personal histories and are infused with his DIY style and heroic nostalgia. His most recent work restages a number of epic sport matches (according to the artist), including Grudge Match (2009) between himself and long lost childhood friend Yuki.

Ed Pien's intricate and immersive cut-paper installations create otherworldly environments that both haunt and delight the senses, as in Memento (2009). An artist with an established career, Pien's work has been exhibited extensively throughout Canada and abroad. Along with being a practicing artist, Pien has been an art educator for over twenty years, and revels in the opportunity to share his process and discuss issues around contemporary art.

Listen to the Talks
9 to 5 Symposium Session 1
1 hour 28 minutes
9 to 5 Symposium Session 2
1 hour 28 minutes
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