Drunk Feminist Films: She's All That

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Drunk Feminist Films: She's All That

Thursday, May 6, 7 pm

The AGO misses going to the movies, so we’ve invited Drunk Feminist Films to present M. Night Shyamalan's classic film She's All That. Pour yourself a Freshie Spritz Jr, queue up your Netflix and join us on the bad screen as we dive into a romantic take as old as time: a football player heroically willing to debase himself by taking a smart young artist (she paints! she has ideas! she wears OVERALLS! Ew.) to the prom. This is, of course, to prove himself as the greater capitalist slash sentient hackysack to his even more terrible friend (RIP Paul Walker). Pop culture commentators Sarah Hagi and Amil Niazi will provide live commentary via Zoom along with your DFF host, Amy Wood. Get ready to emerge from the spiritual suburban staircase of this virtual event creatively and emotionally made-over.

Sarah Hagi is a writer whose love of truly awful pop cultural phenomena has earned her a special kind of expertise on the subject. You can find her work in Vogue, GQ, The Globe and Mail, and The New Yorker. She's also the the 2021 Narrative Change Lab Fellow at the Inspirit Foundation.

Amil Niazi is a writer and editor on parenting and pop culture. Her work can be found at VICE, BBC, The Guardian, Hazlitt, Thrillist, Elle and more. She's also the Showrunner for PopChat, a CBC podcast.

At Drunk Feminist Films, we would rather laugh than cry our way through the patriarchy in pop culture. Join our hilarious hosts for a rollicking moviegoing experience, complete with a feminist shout-along game that breaks down everything we love, loathe and find problematic in Hollywood movies.

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