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Inside Out Screening – Disco Limbo

Film still from Disco Limbo
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Inside Out Screening – Disco Limbo

Wednesday May 31

Directors: Fredo Landaveri, Mariano Toledo
Screenplay: Ivana Brozzi, Fredo Landaveri, Mariano Toledo
Argentina | 2016 | 70 min., Spanish with English subtitles
Canadian Premiere

Disco Limbo is a hallucinogenic tale of love at first sight and the ensuing journey of self-discovery one young man undertakes to reunite with his object of desire. David spies Lucas on a crowded dance floor and immediately falls for the handsome stranger. But as quickly as Lucas comes into David’s life, he disappears again, lost among the revellers. David’s search for his obsession becomes rooted as much in his own memory as in physical settings of noisy nightclubs, karaoke bars and isolated mountaintops. Disco Limbo is a completely surreal queer romance that plays by its own cinematic rules. This debut feature juggles animation, video game graphics, neon images and dubbed voices, along with a captivating electronic soundtrack, to create a kaleidoscope world of visual and sonic wonder.

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Wednesday May 30, 2018, 7 pm
Friday June 22, 6 & 8:30pm
Wednesday June 27, 6 & 8:30pm
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