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Photo of Gabba Petersen by Mike Magidson

Photo of Gabba Petersen by Mike Magidson

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Wednesday June 27, 6 & 8:30pm

Dir. Mike Magidson
2010 | 1 h 30 min

Greenlandic with English subtitles

Mike Magidson’s Greenlandic language debut feature tells the story of Inuk, a 16-year-old boy who is removed from his parents homeand sent to stay at a children’s home on a tiny island in the middle of the arctic sea-ice. There, Inuk meets Ikuma, a local polar bear hunter, who has his own share of problems. Haunted by his troubled past, Ikuma’s extraordinary hunting skills are mysteriously disappearing.

A road-movie on the sea-ice, Inuk is both an authentic story of contemporary Greenland and a universal story about the quest for identity, transmission and rebirth after the deepest of wounds

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