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Neighbourhood Walks: If Ya Don’t Know, Now Ya Know

Photo of Jehiel Douglas

Image courtesy of Jehiel Douglas


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Youth Events

Neighbourhood Walks: If Ya Don’t Know, Now Ya Know

Wednesday, October 28, 3 pm

This artist-led virtual Neighbourhood Walk will expose the beauty and significance of legal and illegal graffiti in Scarborough and Toronto, through the authentic lens of local graffiti artist Jehiel Douglas. By giving an in-depth and artistic spin on a stigmatized topic, Jehiel hopes to give viewers the inside scoop on the graffiti community at large.

"I find that a lot of the artists and non-artists I know have good or bad opinions about graffiti, but say they don’t understand graffiti at all; However, they’re always intrigued when I tell them about it. I think we’re only capable of appreciating something as much as we understand it."

Jehiel Douglas is a 24-year-old graffiti artist born and raised in Toronto and currently living in Scarborough, Ontario. Since kindergarten, he was into “word art” from the way he would creatively write his name or the date. Growing up, he would take every opportunity to express his creativity with words until he discovered graffiti at the young age of 12, and the rest is history. 


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Youth Events
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