When opposites combine you get a burst of new and exciting ideas!

This week let's make art that's fast and slow, big and small, light and dark, inside and outside! We’ll get inspired by the expansive night sky and imagine teeny tiny worlds, melt some Cool Sculptures, make our artwork pop with complimentary colours, harness the power of the sun and the protective nature of the shade.

Drawing Opposites

AGO Artist Instructor Daphne MacCormack stretches her imagination and uses opposite approaches to draw big and small, light and dark, fast and slow, inside and outside. How tiny can you draw an elephant, how huge can you draw a mouse?


drawing of mouse on the left and elephant on the right

Live Event: Exploring The Galaxy With The Ontario Science Centre

Wednesday August 5th, 2020 10 am
We’re going to space! Join Tiana Roebuck, AGO Associate Curator, Studio Programming & Learning in conversation with special guest Simon Chang, Science Educator at the Ontario Science Centre. We'll learn about the night sky and the stars, planets and galaxies that surround us.


Image of The Whirlpool Galaxy (M51) and companion galaxy

Rice Galaxies

Let’s look way up into the vast expanse of the sky and get inspired to create your own galaxy with dried food and spices in your pantry. AGO Artist Instructor Olia Mishchenko explores the world of spiral galaxies on her kitchen table - and you can too!


rice galaxies

Cosmic Zoom

How big is the universe? How small is an atom? Take a wild ride out into the huge macro expanse of the universe and then dive into the micro world inside your own body with the 1968 National Film Board of Canada short film Cosmic Zoom by Eva Szasz.

Tiny Floating Worlds

Watch AGO Artist Instructor Melissa Pauw create teeny tiny floating worlds using nothing but a plate, dry erase markers and some water. Create your own tiny drawings and watch them come to life!


hands drawing on back of paper plate

Make It Pop!

Check out this abstract painting Space Poem for Charles Olson by Canadian artist Milly Ristvedt-Handerek. What makes this painting pop? It’s design seems simple, but the colour choices make it captivating. Have you heard of complementary colours? Complimentary colours are opposite each other on the colour wheel. Try playing with complementary colours and make bold art that pops!


Step 1: Choose your colours

Take a close look at the colour wheel. Pick a colour, and then look directly opposite that colour on the wheel. These 2 colours are complementary! For example red-green, blue-orange, and yellow–purple are complementary colours. When you pair them together the contrast feels bold and vibrant. Which pair of colours do you want to experiment with?

colour wheel
Step 2: Choose your materials

Find some paper and supplies to create your artwork with. Do you have markers and pencil crayons for a drawing? Watercolours for a painting? Coloured paper and glue for a collage?

Step 3: Make it pop!

Create an abstract artwork inspired by Milly Ristvedt-Handerek’s painting using your chosen materials and complimentary colours. Abstract means that your artwork will use simple shapes and forms to let the bold complementary colours pop!

Step 4: Share your creation!

Share your creation with us and join our online gallery by tagging #AGOmakes. We can’t wait to see it!

Milly Ristvedt-Handerek. Space Poem for Charles Olson

Milly Ristvedt-Handerek. Space Poem for Charles Olson, November 1967. acrylic on canvas, Overall: 210.8 x 299.7 cm (83 x 118 in.). Purchase, 1968. © Art Gallery of Ontario 67/32

Cool Sculptures

Cool off this summer and make wild and wacky ice art sculptures using simple materials found at home. Experiment with hot and cold and see how those contrasting temperatures can create a stunning work of art!


ice sculptures on a platter outdoors

Sun Prints!

The power of the sun and protective nature of the shade take centre stage in this activity where we play with light & dark to create bold sun prints on construction paper.


paper cut out for sun print


Show us your AGO Makes: Summer Edition artwork and join our online gallery!





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