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Persephone - A series of springtime observations

Part three in a six-part series, in which Marilyn Bouma observes and records the remarkable arrival of spring.

Marilyn Bouma, The Pink Moon

Marilyn Bouma, The Pink Moon, watercolour on paper. © 2020

The Pink Moon

I was going for a run one early March evening. It was already dark and there was still snow on the ground. As I was heading home I saw this larger than usual full moon high above this house at the corner of my street. This moon was the first of three supermoons in 2020. The April and  second supermoon is called the Pink Moon, which refers not to the colour (it is brighter and bigger since it is closer to the earth but not actually pink – even though, I tinged it with pink) but is the name of the first full moon in spring, similar to the Harvest moon which occurs in the autumn. This house had a large yard around it and hence it appeared alone even though I live in the suburbs.


Marilyn Bouma, The Train Station

Marilyn Bouma, The Train Station, watercolour on paper. © 2020

The Train Station

I wait at this train station everyday for work. About five years ago, I also went on Sunday mornings to the Horse Palace at Exhibition Place to ride. I had always noticed this view facing west to my destination. The station was very quiet on Sunday mornings so when I was alone I had a chance to draw a quick sketch. And now I finally did the painting.


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