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The AGO’s Assistant Curator of Canadian Art, Renée van der Avoird, shares a work from her personal collection. Take a closer look at the piece she picked.

Liz Magor

Liz Magor, At At, 2015. Digital print, edition of 10, 61 x 46 cm. Private Collection. © Liz Magor, Courtesy Susan Hobbs Gallery.

When Renée van der Avoird, AGO Assistant Curator, Canadian Art, was asked if she had a work in her collection she’d like to share with AGOinsiders, she knew it had to be At At by Gershon Iskowitz Prize winner Liz Magor.

Magor is a Canadian contemporary artist best known for her sculpture and installation work. Much of her artwork explores often overlooked items we use in our daily lives and presents them in new and interesting ways. In At At, Magor’s interest lies in a collection of tags from all types of garment s. 

So why is van der Avoird so fascinated by Magor’s garment tags? As a lover of vintage clothing and as an art curator, van der Avoird was attracted to the way the work classifies and displays a collection of similar objects – specifically clothing tags – and how each tag has its own story to tell. Watch as she discusses the intricate details you might not notice at first glance:

Want more from Liz Magor? Watch as she discusses her work on 

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