Artist-in-Residence - Zun Lee

September 18, 2017 - January 26, 2018

Portrait of Zun Lee

Zun Lee is a Canadian lens-based visual artist and educator whose work encourages alternate ways of thinking about community and belonging. Intersubjectivity and trust dynamics are important components of Lee’s work as he embeds himself in his subjects’ daily lives to uncover stories of identity and connection.

This fall at the AGO, Lee will host workshops, plan interventions, and invite audiences to interact with his immersive creative practice.





“I am excited about experimenting with new strategies and approaches to engage directly with my communities and audiences, mentor other practitioners who’d like to explore immersive visual work, while inviting audiences to witness and interact with my creative process in ways I have not yet allowed to be so public.”

— Zun Lee

Photo of Zun Lee, Brandon teaches Ty how to float

Brandon teaches Ty how to float. Work in Progress from Holding Patterns, Toronto 2016. © Zun Lee 2016

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