AGO Live: Miho Hatori - Salon Mondialité

colour photo of performance featuring Miho Hatori in front of a green treed landscape, with a table draped in white with pink ribbons

Photo: Tin Nguyen


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AGO Live: Miho Hatori - Salon Mondialité

Friday December 6 and Saturday December 7
Jackman Hall, Art Gallery of Ontario

Japanese born, New York-based artist Miho Hatori brings to Jackman Hall a musical exploration of memory, identity and the philosophy of Martinique-born poet and thinker Édouard Glissant.  Combining improvised sounds, ambient chanting, memories and a video installation, Salon Mondialité links Hatori’s own experience of living in New York in the 1990s to Glissant’s ideal of mondialité—a global connectedness that does not, like colonialism or globalization, bulldoze difference for the sake of capital or dominance. Salon Mondialité is presented in association with the From Glissant - Unfixed and Unbounded symposium.

Hatori says, “I’m not from the Caribbean, but the idea of ‘mondialité’ resonated with my background, as well as from living in New York society. The word ‘mondialité’ connects so many different pieces of what I’ve been doing in my music and art, and has been a very powerful inspiration.”

Salon Mondialité originally debuted in March of 2019 at The Kitchen in NYC. Miho Hatori is a founding member of Cibo Matto and is an artist, vocalist and producer.  

AGO Live is a dedicated series of performance events designed to reimagine the limits of what art can be within the museum. From marquee presentations to intimate moments and special commissions, the series is intentionally experimental and its formula flexible, highlighting local and international artists' creative journeys in music, dance and visual art.

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Friday May 3, 7 pm
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