Art in the Spotlight: Jeff Bierk

image of two men, brightly lit against a dark outdoor background. The man on the left wears camo-print pants, on the right a man wears a tshirt that reads "lost a friend to an overdose", green shorts and is kneeling. They are reaching out fists to each other.

Me and Jimmy at The SpotLost a Friend to an Overdose, May, 28, 2020, Jeff Bierk


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Art in the Spotlight: Jeff Bierk

Tuesday, May 11, 4 pm
Art in the Spotlight: Jeff Bierk

Join artist Jeff Bierk in conversation with Indu Vashist about his process, community, and art making in the pandemic. Bierk's work is characterized by collaboration and relationship building across difference and sameness, questioning traditional ideas of authorship, labour and experience.

Jeff Bierk is a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist, working with photography, sculpture, video and paint. Born to the late artists Liz and David Bierk, he grew up in Peterborough and learned the basics of photography and composition from this father. His work has been exhibited nationally, engaging themes that grapple with grief, addiction, homelessness and settler-colonial constructs of beauty and masculinity. Predominantly known for his portraiture, Bierk makes work that poses serious questions about the ethics of street photography. Through a practice of collaborative photography, Bierk and his collaborators disrupt the formal definition and economics of photojournalism, and problematize the idea of the photographer as sole author of the photograph.

Indu Vashist has served as the Executive Director of SAVAC since 2013. She is interested in art that is not precious, words that are precise.

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