Deaf Culture Moments: Andy Warhol

A group of figures blurred against a red, orange and purple haze.

Image courtesy of the AGO. 

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Deaf Culture Moments: Andy Warhol

Tuesday, November 15, 11 AM
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Deaf Culture Moments Andy Warhol

Deaf communities and cultures can be overlooked in a noisy world that privileges hearing. As part of our ongoing commitment to supporting our communities and collaborating with them, the Gallery offers unique Deaf Culture Moments. Explore the AGO Collection with an Art Educator from the Deaf community who encourages discovery by creating customized experiences with art. For more information, visit

Tomato from Campbell Soup I  is the first of a series of thirty-two paintings of soup cans by the Pop artist Andy Warhol. In real life, the soup cans cost mere cents but the paintings are worth millions − how is this possible? Learn how this particular brand of soup became a symbol of commercialism and consumer culture. 

Artist Bio

Sage Lovell is an artist, writer and entrepreneur. Being Deaf, Queer, Disabled and Neurodivergent; they are an artist who likes to work their magic, using different art mediums to shift perspective and spaces. Over the past decade, Sage has worked with different communities in multiple capacities to develop meaningful work that continues to evolve. With their multitude of talents, they were able to incorporate their passion for interweaving media, language, performance, and accessibility into works of art. In 2020, Sage won an award from ArtEquity for their advocacy in the arts community. In 2019, Sage was a finalist for the Community Arts Award (Toronto Arts Foundation). In 2018, Sage won the 2nd place Defty Award (Canadian Cultural Society of the Deaf) for their ASL poetry production of “The Four Elements.” 

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