The Grange Prize 2012 Dialogues

The Grange Prize


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The Grange Prize 2012 Dialogues

September 7, 2012, 3-6pm
The Dr. Anne Tanenbaum Gallery School
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The Grange Prize 2012 Dialogues: Photography's Dimensions
1 hour 11 minutes
The Grange Prize 2012 Dialogues: Photography's Contexts
1 hour 19 minutes

This year's nominated artists share a fascination with the world of images that surround, and often bombard, us every day. Taking on everything from fashion editorial and sports photography to found objects and crime-scene documentation, by appropriating existing images, placing familiar genres in new contexts, and pushing the photographic print into the three-dimensional realm, these nominees reinvigorate our relationship with photography. Join the nominated artists as they chat with members of The Grange Prize 2012 Jury about the provocative issues and topics their works traverse.

Session 1: Photography's Dimensions

Moderated by: Dr. Gaëlle Morel
Panelists: Sara Knelman, Annie MacDonell, Jo Longhurst

Since the 1970s, in the wake of post-modernism's questioning of the photographic image, many contemporary photography artists have worked with spaces of display – studio, gallery, cinema – and their conventions – both past and present – as they push two-dimensional images into the three-dimensional realm. How can we make sense of these expanded dimensions of the image?

Session 2: Photography's Contexts

Moderated by: Sophie Hackett
Panelists: Charlotte Cotton, Emmanuelle Léonard, Jason Evans

The photographic images we encounter on a daily basis circulate in the press, on billboards, posters, postcards and online. They teach us, for instance, about fashion, crime, what's beautiful and what isn't. How do contemporary photographers today make use of different contexts and modes of circulation to reinvent how we understand photographs?

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