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Inner Space with Luisé Cisneros

Luis Cisneros

Image courtesy of the Artist

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Youth Events

Inner Space with Luisé Cisneros

Wednesday June 29, 3 pm

Inner Space, a new monthly web series co-curated by the Inner Space Youth Advisory and AGO staff, welcomes artists from across Canada as they present personal tours of their studios. Giving a platform to young curators aged 16-25 to work with artists from their communities, Inner Space aims to make visible and celebrate a new generation of Canadian artists. A new video will be released each month.

This month we meet artist Luisé Cisneros,  a non-binary Mexican-Canadian artist born in Mexico City who resides in Belleville and Toronto. 

They were curated by Carla Sierra Suarez of the AGO Youth Advisory. “I was drawn to Luis Cisnero’s work as ze tells a story in every single work ze makes. The story of an immigrant, the story of a non-binary person, the story of Mexican culture, the story of grief, the good, the bad, and the ugly. Raw storytelling that teaches us the importance of learning about each other, sharing our stories.

Artist Bio:

Luisé Cisneros is a non-binary Mexican-Canadian artist born in Mexico City who resides in Belleville and Toronto. As being part of these two cultures, ze explores the ideas of land, race, immigration, identity, family dynamics, and queerness. Luis predominantly works in sculpture and painting, but ze also works with film where ze renders themes of Mexican and Canadian culture highlighting hir identity. Luis has shown hir art locally and internationally while studying in the Sculpture and Installation program at OCAD University.

Curator Bio:

Carla Sierra Suarez is a Mexican multidisciplinary artist based in Tkaronto. In her practice, she explores themes of identity through mental health as well as the duality of being both part of the Latinx diaspora and being a Muslim convert. She aims to bring light to issues that have been often stigmatized creating a safe space for self-expression. She further explores other aspects of her identity as an immigrant, as a woman, as Bipolar, as disabled, and as someone who has PTSD and ADHD.

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