Inner Space

Inner Space Youth Advisory co-curates a new generation of artist led studio tours from across Canada.

Inner Space, a new monthly web series co-curated by the Inner Space Youth Advisory and AGO Staff, invites emerging artists from across Canada to give personal tours of their studios. Giving a platform to youth curators and emerging artists from their communities, Inner Space aims to make visible and legitimize a new generation of diverse, Canadian artists, while creating authentic youth-led digital content.

The current iteration of the Youth Advisory is project-based and is made up of youth ages 16-25 from across Canada with the goal of co-curating a series of studio tours by and for youth. Meeting bi-weekly online from September-December 2021, this paid opportunity tasked the Inner Space Youth Advisory members with curating emerging artists from their communities who they believe deserved a platform and visibility from an institutional context. The result, launched in January 2022, is a 12 episode monthly web series featuring a new generation of emerging artists and their creative spaces from across Canada.


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