Youth Events

Inner Space with Marissa Sean Cruz

Marissa Sean Cruz dressed as a pink dog lying down surrounded by animal figurines

Image courtesy of the artist.


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Youth Events

Inner Space with Marissa Sean Cruz

Wednesday, February 23, 3pm

Inner Space, a new monthly web series co-curated by the Inner Space Youth Advisory and AGO staff, welcomes artists from across Canada as they present personal tours of their studios. Giving a platform to young curators aged 16-25 to work with artists from their communities, Inner Space aims to make visible and celebrate a new generation of Canadian artists. A new video will be released each month.

This month we meet artist Marissa Sean Cruz, a digital multimedia and video performance artist from Kjipuktuk (so-called Halifax). 

They were nominated by Chloe Lundrigan of the AGO Youth Advisory. "I’ve been a fan of Riss Sean Cruz’ since seeing their work presented in Fruit Salad in 2019. The pop culture references are what initially drew me to their work – many elements of their videos take digital conventions from hyper-specific generational sources that are tough to find in contemporary art, everything from that iconic coming of age movie score placement to early-YouTube narrative structures. Despite how sophisticated these remixes are, the work somehow balances not taking itself so seriously―through morphing campy details, elaborate product placements, and eerily beautiful body extensions―while not-so-subtly incorporating heavy existentialism. Riss takes the duplicity of what it feels like to be a young adult in this moment, and shapes it into a totally uncanny experience: it’s daily and otherworldly and just so much, but crank every element up further – the ennui, the wit, and above all, the vibrancy. " 

Artist Bio:

Marissa Sean Cruz is a digital multimedia and video performance artist from Kjipuktuk (so-called Halifax). Their experimental videos use 3-D modelling, sound design and costumed performances to study identity and value systems. Remixes of pop culture and commercialized products are synthesized creating alternative narratives. These humorous works aim to process a fast-paced contemporary present and envision possible, utopian futures.

Curator Bio:

Chloe Lundrigan (they/them) is an interdisciplinary visual artist, contemporary dancer, and amateur community-radio host based in Sackville, New Brunswick / the Siknikt district of Mi’kma’ki, where they are pursuing their Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts at Mount Allison University. Having been raised along the sprawling Tantramar marshlands, they are grateful to have been called back to their hometown during the past year and had the opportunity to grow their practice virtually while connecting with young artists from across Canada. Having most recently been exhibited at START Gallery in Struts Artist-Run Centre, their work currently explores abstract timekeeping, queer domesticity, and the radical joy of movement through audio, drawing and performance. 

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