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It Can Be Anything

Illustrations around the text reading "Rachel draws the World"


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Special Events

It Can Be Anything

Friday, June 11, 4PM

It Can Be Anything is a creative journey through the lens of Rachel Doucettes drawings. Rachel is 28-years old and loves creating her art. Her work represents a unique and vast creative landscape to explore. More importantly, her philosophical outlook establishes an open-mindedness and inclusivity that is both beautiful and inspiring. The images, shapes and feelings you embody when looking at her work are truly special. While she has a hard time communicating verbally, her art has a way of connecting with people and communicating on a whole other level. The short film leverages that outlook and uses the phrase "It Can Be Anything" as a mantra to steer us through her journey.

individual wearing a purple T-shirt, holding a drawing to the camera

Rachel Doucette has an intellectual disability. She has a beautiful outlook on life and, with the help of this film, can share that perspective with the rest of the world.

Marsha Doucette is an executive producer and the big sister to Rachel. Marsha comes from a non-profit background and has always had a unique outlook on creative initiatives. Her goal is to create content for good whenever possible. She has worked with many intellectually disabled people in the past and is passionate to bring this film to life to help others share their creativity and to make their voices heard. This project brings more than just a smile to her face.

Ryan Bergmann is a filmmaker and the little brother to Chris. Chris has an intellectual disability and is constantly an inspiration for Ryan. With a background in documentary filmmaking, Ryan strives to get to the heart of every story. It has always been a dream to produce content that touches on the relationship he has with his brother. That, or what it is like to know someone with an intellectual disability in general. It Can Be Anything is the first step in making these incredible relationships accessible and enjoyable to a larger audience. Ryan has had a blast getting to know Rachel and working with her to create the story of this film.

Presented by AGO, produced by Immediate Group; and supported by Special Olympics Ontario and the Harry E. Foster Charitable Foundation. 

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Special Events
Saturday, April 10, 11 AM
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