Matthew Teitelbaum on Paterson Ewen

Northern Lights Paterson Ewen

Ewen, Paterson. Northern Lights, 1973, acrylic, oil, dry pigment on galvanized steel and gouged plywood, 167.5 x 244.0 cm. Purchase, Margaret P. Nesbitt Endowment, 1973


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Matthew Teitelbaum on Paterson Ewen

April 13, 2011, 7pm

Paterson Ewen (1925-2002) is one of Canada's most acclaimed painters. Throughout his career Ewen's search has been to make the observed world tangible and real. His work stands as a testimony to the cycles of nature, its terror and its beauty.

Matthew Teitelbaum, AGO Director and CEO, as well and curator of the exhibition Paterson Ewen: Inspiration and Influencewill place Ewen in the context of his times and highlight his influences and enthusiasms. He will also reveal the full breadth of the AGO's holdings.

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Matthew Teitelbaum on Paterson Ewen
1 hour 11 minutes


Tuesday August 11, 4 pm
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