Meet the Artist: IAIN BAXTER&

Iain Baxter&

Photo courtesy Iain Baxter&


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Meet the Artist: IAIN BAXTER&

April 4, 2012, 7pm

Baxter’s work encompasses photography, installation, sculpture, painting, drawing, and a performative aspect that seeks to challenge and redefine the role of the artist. Collaboration and contingency are central to Baxter’s working method. In 2005 he legally changed his name to IAIN BAXTER&, underscoring that all art transpires in relation to and in partnership with a viewer/receiver.

Follow Iain Baxter& on his journey from zoologist to conceptual artist to Br&. The &man will share his insights on the ecology of life and art &……..

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Meet the Artist: IAIN BAXTER&
1 hour 27 minutes


Wednesday December 18, 2019
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