Multisensory Moments: Christi Belcourt's Wisdom of the Universe

Christi Belcourt, The Wisdom of the Universe

Christi Belcourt, The Wisdom of the Universe, 2014. Acrylic on canvas, 171 x 282 cm. Purchased with funds donated by Greg Latremoille, 2014. © Christi Belcourt 2014/6.

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Multisensory Moments: Christi Belcourt's Wisdom of the Universe

Tues, January 18, 11 am
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Multisensory Moments: Christi Belcourt's Wisdom of the Universe

Art galleries and museums have long emphasized the visual, but we're offering something different: special multisensory art experiences to help you understand your surroundings in new ways! Come virtually explore the AGO Collection by activating your senses as you experience a selection of artworks through visual audio description, touch, smell and/or sound.

How can artists and designers create more multisensory experiences? OCADU Graduate Students, in response to an Inclusive Design Multisensory Museum Course, share their co-creative process of translating artworks in the AGO Collection into multisensory objects. Students explore a wide variety of techniques to create an inclusive gallery experience in a series of Multisensory Museum Moments.

In this program, Demilade Olaleye, Harkirat Kaur, Maryem Abbas and Rosa Chu present an inclusive, multisensory translation of Christi Belcourt's Wisdom of the Universe (2014). Her artwork is broken down into its elements and a tangible model is presented to allow the audience to experience the piece through the sense of touch. Auditory sounds and visuals are incorporated to create an immersive and educational experience. Join us on this journey as we engage our senses to explore the painting and collectively honour Mother Earth.

Demilade Olaleye

Demilade is a Computational Designer completing his master’s degree in Digital Futures at OCAD University. His practice focuses on the application of algorithmic and computational techniques to design novel and whimsical methods of human-computer interaction.

Harkirat Kaur

Kaur’s work lies at the intersection of design, materials, delight, interaction and learning. As a creative, she looks forward to utilizing tactile, traditional and technological tools to design playful learning experiences for people with unique abilities. Find her here:

Maryem Abbas

Maryem is a Design for Health graduate studies student at OCAD University. Much of her work centres on co-design, communication design and graphic design. As a designer, her goal is to make complex ideas digestible through creating meaningful interactions, graphics and experiences.

Rosa Chu

Rosa is a graduate student from the Design for Health program at OCAD University. She is dedicated to learning from community members to create safe, accessible and inclusive spaces for all. Knowledge translation, communication and service design are of great importance and interest to her as a healthcare provider.

Wisdom of the Universe Two Dimensional Silhouettes

View the two dimensional silhouettes

Wisdom of the Universe Three Dimensional Print Files

Download the 3D printable files (a CAD application is required to open the files):

Birds and Butterflies (18 MB)

Branches and Roots (8 MB)

Flowers and Leaves(46 MB)

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