Seniors Social: Betty Goodwin and Armand Guillaumin

Colourful daytime landscape of a large tree on a mountain edge, overlooking the blue sea and grey skies.

Armand Guillaumin. Le Trayas: matin, temps gris, 1907. oil on canvas, Overall: 65 x 81.2 cm. Gift of Sam and Ayala Zacks, 1970. © Art Gallery of Ontario. 71/182


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Seniors Social: Betty Goodwin and Armand Guillaumin

Tuesday September 13, 11 AM - 12 PM
Seniors Social Betty Goodwin and Armand Guillaumin

Make new art connections and spark conversations! Join us for our free virtual Seniors Social program, a live monthly series for older adults that combines conversations with art and artmaking. The AGO believes providing opportunities to experience art and artmaking increases well-being.

We’re going to dive deep and explore what water means to us. We all began our lives in water, are accustomed by now to the “waves of life”, the way water sometimes laps softly at the shore, but also represents the unknown sparkling darkness. Let’s consider the bodies of water near and dear to our hearts–a cottage lake, perhaps, that provides relief from summer heat, vacations to the seaside. In our session today, we will explore different art techniques (using acrylic, oil, or gouache/tempera paint)  to help us create different waters from calm to frothy to turbulent. 


  • White, green, blue, purple, black paint
  • Paint brushes  that are several sizes, flat hard bristle, and rounds that are softer
  • A tooth brush
  • Palette
  • Water container
  • Paper towel
  • And a few paint surfaces, paper  to experiment on
  • If you have a seaside view you want to work from even better.

This is an Accessible Event, supported with Closed Captioning. Please contact us with questions. Learn More.


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