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Age 8-10

Using pencil, pen, brush, marker, acrylic paint and scratchboard, have fun exploring this unique and playful art form while tapping into your inner storyteller. Learn the art of drawing, storyboarding and character development in this exciting cartooning course. Students will work on flip books, trading cards, and other projects. 

All materials are included. Meet in Seminar Room 3 located in the Weston Family Learning Centre. 

Terms and Conditions of Participation 

Please review the Terms and Conditions prior to the start of class.  

No class on October 8th and 9th. 


Week 1: Creating Portfolios. Using bubble letters, overlap, 3-D, and graphic patterning students will create a decorative design for their name

Week 2: Character Creation. Using the three simple perspectives of ‘full figure’, ‘3/4’, and profile, students will use animal toys as models in an exercise of observational drawing.

Week 3: A Thousand blades of Grass. By simply counting the number of dots, lines, dashes, etc. students will learn that graphic patterning is not as difficult as it looks

Week 4: Scratchboard. Creating Halloween scenes using subjective form and graphic patterning.  

Week 5: Background design. Using a simple concept of foreground, mid ground, and background a complex forest scene can be created and characters added.  

Week 6: Sound effects page. Paying attention to a cartoon action and the resulting sound it makes, students will create a page that reflects this approach.       

Week 7 & 8: Cell painting. Using a multi layered approach students will draw a background with water colour pencil crayons on w.c. paper then add characters with ink and acrylic paint on duralar                                                  

Week 9 & 10: Basic Animation and Flip Books. Using simple stick figures students will learn how to make characters move up and down, side to side, etc. using multiple drawings.                                                      





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Saturdays, - | 10:00 am - 12:00 pm (10 weeks)

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