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Warm up with winter courses

From basic electronic circuitry to large-format printing presses – the AGO offers some unique courses this winter that will keep your mind off the cold.

winter courses

Photo © Art Gallery of Ontario

Spark some magic for yourself this winter in the AGO’s Dr. Anne Tannenbaum Gallery School. This season we’ve got plenty of courses to keep your mind off the frigid temperatures and firmly focused on creating amazing art, including some exhibition-inspired learning. Take a look!

Dreaming of the luscious trees and plants of summer? Try your hand at sculpting plants and vessels in Sculpture Explorations: Plants & Vessels. Inspired by the work of Hito Steyerl, this course asks participants to work with everyday materials, plaster and air-dry clay to create their interpretations of vessel forms and plant life.

Let sparks fly with Light It Up: Paper Circuits. For kids ages 8 to 10 who may have been intrigued by Hito Steyerl: this is the future, the Gallery School offers a two-day children’s workshop inspired by the exhibition’s combination of art and technology. Light It Up: Paper Circuits covers the basics of working with simple electronic paper circuits to create paper sculptures and pop-up cards. Kids can learn to use LEDs to light up their paper works of art and bring them to life. This course is offered Sundays from 1 to 3 pm.

The magic of the season is setting in and will soon take over the Gallery in our upcoming exhibition Illusions: The Art of Magic. During the Golden Age of Magic, posters became wildly popular. To meet the need for mass-production, printmaking played an important role in the era. (For adults new to the medium, we suggest you first try your hand at Introduction to Printmaking). In this four-week course, you’ll learn traditional and contemporary printmaking techniques, using a large-format printing press. For those with more experience with printmaking, we suggest Printmaking Explorations: Etching. In this advanced course, you’ll explore etching, a printmaking technique that offers remarkable graphic results.

Kids can also get inspired by Illusions in Printmaking: Illusions and Poster Art. In this four-week course, kids ages 11 to 13 will learn how to tell their own story through the art of printmaking. Screen printing and dry point techniques are explored and they’ll learn to create multiples of their final poster designs.

If you are interested in other AGO courses visit our Adult Courses or Courses for Children and Youth pages. Did you know that AGO Members receive a discount on all of our courses? Join today!

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