In the Living Room: Space, Race and Gender

black and white image of a upholstered chair beside a table with framed family photos

Jorian Charlton, Teaneck, 2012.


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In the Living Room: Space, Race and Gender

Saturday March 2, 2pm
5th Floor Contemporary Tower

Join us for a discussion between multidisciplinary artists Noah Brown and Adrienne Matheuszik as they explore how their artistic practices re-conceptualize the ways in which we think about racialized and gendered identities. 

How do material and virtual spaces mediate the embodiment, experiences and perceptions of racialized and gendered identities? What are their impacts on the processes of identification and developing a sense of belonging to a particular community? How might we resist essentialist notions of identity that embrace the diversity of blackness and femininity?

Noah Brown’s work hones in on the reality of living as a biracial androgynous male amongst the lasting trauma of slavery. His obsession with intergenerational trauma has influenced him to dissect the social and historical significance of their behaviour, down to details of postured representation. Brown’s dry-felted tapestries explore the danger implied by self-expression within a heteronormative society, shame attached to queer identities, internalized self-hatred within the black community, and a hope for the future where black youth can be emotionally-expressive. Exploring ideas of people of colour living in accordance to societal stereotypes, thus gaining a form of comfort in following a ‘racial role'.

Adrienne Matheuszik is an interdisciplinary artist focusing in new media. She is currently an MFA Candidate at OCAD University within the Interdisciplinary Masters of Fine Arts, Media and Design program. Based in Toronto, Ontario Matheuszik holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from University of Ottawa and a Graduate Certificate from Concordia University. Her current practice deals with hybridity through mixed reality spaces and experiences, and mixed race identity. Matheuszik is currently exploring ideas of representation, identity and subjectivity through working with digital mediums such as augmented reality, video, sculpture and interactive installation.

In the Living Room is a series of three conversations programmed by artist Ojo Agi and held in the Mickalene Thomas: Femmes Noires exhibition on the AGO’s Fifth floor Contemporary Tower.

In the Living Room: The Dis/Appearing Black Body
with Jorian Charlton and Shantel Miller
2pm Saturday January 19, 2019

In the Living Room: The Ethics of Black Aesthetics
with Amber Williams-King and Oreka James
2pm Saturday February 9, 2019

In the Living Room: Space, Race and Gender
with Noah Brown and Adrienne Matheuszik
2pm Saturday March 2, 2019

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