Relaxed Visits

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Free with General Admission. Free for Members and Annual Passholders.

Relaxed Visits

Every first Tuesday of the month, 3 pm

The AGO is piloting new Relaxed Visit times, so you can visit in a relaxed and supportive environment.

What is a Relaxed Visit?

The Art Gallery of Ontario’s Relaxed Visit times are intended to be sensitive to and welcoming of neurodiverse visitors, including visitors on the autism spectrum, those with sensory and communication disorders, people with learning disabilities, or those who simply want a more relaxed visit experience.

Relaxed Visit Times differ from other times at the AGO in a number of ways:

  • All expressions are welcome at the AGO and visitors have the freedom to move, stim, and make noise while they explore the Gallery.

  • Visitors will have advance access to a Visual Guide that details the AGO experience, step by step, in order to reduce anxiety about it, and a Sensory Map with detailed information about navigating the AGO.

  • Patrons will have access to Sensory Kits that include noise reducing headphones, a visual timer, visual cues, fidget toys and sunglasses provided at our Multisensory Art Cart in Irina Moore West, which also offers sensory based activities.

AGO tote bag and sensory kit items: sensory cards, magnifying glass, fidget toys, headphones, timers and sunglasses
  • Please note that select exhibition spaces may still contain heightened visual or auditory stimuli, such as loud noises or bright light. Quiet zones highlighted on our Sensory map are available throughout the museum if you wish to bypass these areas.

Please note that at 4:45 pm there will be a loud chime, followed by an announcement that the Gallery will close in 15 minutes. There will be a second chime and announcement when the Gallery closes at 5:00 pm

For more information about accessible seating, discounts for support persons, and other accommodations please contact us at 416 979 6608.


Download the Sensory Map (483 KB)

Download the Visual Guide (5 MB)

Download Sensory Cards (2.3 MB)

For requests for Verbal Description, American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation and/or live captioning for online and onsite programming, please provide three weeks notice in advance of the event date. The AGO will make every effort to provide accommodation for requests made with less than three weeks notice. Please note that automated captioning is available for all online programs. For onsite visits, the AGO offers these supports for an accessible visit. Please contact us to make a request for these or other accessibility accommodations. Learn more about accessibility at the AGO.
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