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Seika Boye: This Living Dancer, with dancer/choreographer Natasha Powell

Artists natasha Powell and Seika Boye

Natasha Powell by Alvin Collantes, Seika Boye by Craig Boyko

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Special Events

Seika Boye: This Living Dancer, with dancer/choreographer Natasha Powell

Wednesday March 27, 7 - 8:30

Recent AGO Artist-in-Residence Seika Boye shares a lecture that reflects on her project This Living Dancer, a self-archiving and archival simulation installation and exercise that questions her dancing life; archival practices and privacy; museum and gallery digital imaging of performance based work; and dance in the museum. Seika will also reflect on the archive of dances and learning in her own body and the lessons she took with dancer and choreographer Natasha Powell of Holla Jazz, during her residency.

The presentation will be followed by an accessible participatory lesson for audience members, taught by Natasha Powell. No prior experience required.

Read more about Seika’s residency here.  

*Note that this event has been amalgamated with an event from Feb 6th that was cancelled due to extreme weather. 

Seika Boye is a scholar, writer, educator and artist whose practices revolve around dance and movement. She is a Lecturer at the Centre for Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies and Director of the Institute for Dance Studies, University of the Toronto, where she teaches practical and lecture courses.

Natasha Powell is a Toronto-based dancer, choreographer, producer, and founding artistic director of Holla Jazz - an arena where all jazz dances, hip hop, and house intersect to reinvigorate the idea of freedom and unity of the dance styles that bring meaning and hope to our communities.


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Special Events
Saturday, October 17 and Sunday, October 18, 2020
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