Seniors Social: Alex Colville and Vilhelm Hammershoi

A woman wearing a bathing suit lays on the deck of a boat. There is a white hat over her face. A man is standing in the water behind her, fishing.

Alex Colville. Low Tide, 1987. acrylic on untempered hardboard. Overall: 41 x 81.3 cm . Gift from the Estate of R. Fraser Elliott, 2005. © A.C. Fine Art Inc. 2005/147


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Seniors Social: Alex Colville and Vilhelm Hammershoi

Friday, January 14, 2 pm
Seniors Social: Alex Colville and Vilhelm Hammershoi

Make new art connections and spark conversations! Join us for our free virtual Seniors Social program, a live monthly series for older adults that combines conversations with art and artmaking. The AGO believes providing opportunities to experience art and artmaking increases well-being.

In today's session Lauren Spring will look at two artists who turned to their wives as primary muses, Alex Colville and Vilhelm Hammershoi. Though working in vastly different regions geographically (Denmark and the east coast of Canada) aspects of the artists' styles are remarkably similar. 

We’ll also hear from artist Lauren Renzetti in her studio to learn how nature impacts her art practice. Renzetti will demonstrate the elasticity of white acrylic paint by creating a multilayered, many valued painting of her favourite muse, the moon.


  • Black paper or canvas
  • White acrylic paint in a lipped palette  ( or gouache or tempera)
  • Paint brush
  • Water
  • An image of the moon

Live sessions will contain automated closed captions.

Closed captioning is available in this recording.

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