Seniors Social: Christi Belcourt and Dot Painting and Drawing

Christi Belcourt, The Wisdom of the Universe

Christi Belcourt, The Wisdom of the Universe, 2014. Acrylic on canvas, 171 x 282 cm. Purchased with funds donated by Greg Latremoille, 2014. © Christi Belcourt 2014/6.


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Seniors Social: Christi Belcourt and Dot Painting and Drawing

Wednesday, November 10, 2 pm
Seniors Social: Christi Belcourt and Dot Painting and Drawing

Make new art connections and spark conversations! Join us for our free virtual Seniors Social program, a live biweekly series for older adults that combines conversations with art and artmaking. The AGO believes providing opportunities to experience art and artmaking increases well-being.

For this session, we will be discussing the life, work, art and activism of Christi Belcourtpaying special attention to her piece, The Wisdom of the Universe, which has long been a crowd favourite at the AGO. We'll discuss the origins of her particular aesthetic approach, her painstaking and admirable creative process and even try out some beadwork-inspired dot painting ourselves. 

For the artmaking portion of our session, you will need: black construction paper and either acrylic paints and brushes or coloured pastels.


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