Painting Together: Exploring Blue ONLINE

Ages 6-10 with an Adult

Saturdays  3:30 - 5 pm
October 16 - November 6

Instructor: Amanda Arcuri

Members $175 / General Public $205 (4 weeks)

How many different ideas can we dive into with one colour? Inspired by Picasso: Painting the Blue Period, and Matthew Wong: Blue View, we consider the paintings of these two artists and their use of cool colours, with a focus on the colour blue. Exploring colour theory, light, and various shades and tones of blue, we will create paintings that reflect a range of moods and feelings. Create collaborative artworks or work alongside each other to learn new techniques together.


Week 1: Have You Ever Had it Blue: Exploring shades, tones, and colour mixing inspired by Picasso.
Week 2: Orange Crush: Thinking of complimentary colours we create a still life through collage and drawing from observation.
Week 3: At the Feet of the Moon: Inspired by Matthew Wong’s art we think of moonlight and create a mysterious night scene using pastel resists.
Week 4: November Rain: Thinking about water and reflections we create an outdoor scene that captures the wonder of water.


Ideally each child and adult would have a set of their own materials to work side by side:

●    Paint set: Tempera or acrylic: blue, red, yellow, white, black, 60 ml or similar
●    Brushes: At least one for tempera and one for the watercolours (that makes a nice point)

●    Palettes: A foam or plastic plate or tray, white is ideal. (Alternative - any flat stiff surface covered with wax paper or aluminum foil)
●    Watercolour paint set
●    Container for rinsing brushes
●    Painting rags or paper towel
●    10 sheets of mixed media paper each, 9 x 12 inch or similar (Alternative: watercolour paper, anything that will hold paint)
●    Oil pastel set, for example Mungyo, white is needed. (Alternative: crayons)
●    Black permanent marker
●    Scissors
●    Glue
●    Tape
●    Pencil and eraser
●    Suitable place to work and place wet paintings

Optional: Scrap patterned fabric, pencil crayons, markers, coloured papers.

These are the recommended materials for this course. All sizes are approximate. On your first day of class, your instructor may recommend additional optional materials. Our Instructor’s will do their best to accommodate alternative materials whenever possible. 

Some suggested retailers for purchasing your art materials:
Aboveground Art Supplies (discount code: AGOSTUDENT10), Curry’s, DeSerres, Gwartzman’s, Michaels, or any other art supply or discount craft store.
Due to the COVID-19 crisis, delays are very possible.

Please review the Terms and Conditions of Participation for course experience optimization.


Mother and son working on art activities
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