Painting Together: Exploring Pop Art ONLINE

Ages 6 - 10 with an Adult

Saturdays May 8th - June 5th 3:30pm - 5:00pm

Instructor: Amanda Arcuri

Members $190 / General Public $220 (5 Weeks)

This 5 week course explores the playfulness and ideas of Pop Art. Pop Art draws from all the images and ideas that we see around us, including on the internet and TV.  The artists who started the Pop Art Movement, including Claes Oldenburg, Andy Warhol, and Roy Lichtenstein, created fun artworks like giant hamburgers, stacks of soup cans and comic book style paintings. Students will create artworks that are inspired by familiar imagery or memes sourced from the internet, television and other forms.

Students to supply their own materials. 

Terms and Conditions of Participation in Online Courses.

Week 1:Introduction of the genre Pop Art through painting and printmaking: repetition of popular and common items.

Week 2:Text and food as your subject. Techniques in painting on a smooth surface with flat colours. Getting inspiration from advertisements.

Week 3: Comic Books and halftone: dots...lots of dots! Inspired by comic books, dancing and line drawing. 

Week 4: Collage and Painting with Stencils. Looking at other ways to include popular images in our paintings.

Week 5: The Pop Art Portrait: Using pattern and bright colour to create a self portrait that pops, using a photograph as our source image.


Mixed media paper or Bristol paper pad (something heavier weight that we can paint on, but is mostly smooth),9” x 12” or similar.

A pencil and eraser

Permanent markers

Bright coloured paints like Acrylic or Tempera paint set with pallet (not watercolours)

Smooth brushes, a few sizes of your choice and one larger brushcrayons or oil pastels

2 – 3 sheets of kids craft foam sheets or Styrofoam plates.

Scissors and glue stick.

Ballpoint pen. 



Some sheets from magazines or printed-out images.

Thin cardboard (cereal/cracker boxes work well); 3 – 6 boxes.

Photograph of yourself, either on a screen or printed out for Week 5.

Optional: Tissue paper and coloured paper

Note: At times the adult student and child student may work together on the same piece, but often they will work on their individual works. Please have enough paper, pencils, markers and brushes for both students. Paints can also be shared.



Mother and son working on art activities
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